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Frequently Asked Questions About Annuities

If I want to know exactly what the return will be on my Annuity, what type should I think about?
In a Fixed Annuity, the amount of return is pre-determined when you enter into the agreement and 'purchase" the Annuity.
How will I know what the return is with a Variable Annuity?
The agent you purchase the Annuity from can help you with performance statistics from their past experiences. A Variable Annuity will have the funds you put up placed in a mix of investment vehicles that spread the risk of the investment over several sectors.
I have money that I want to invest for my retirement. What type of Annuity should I be thinking about?
Typically in this situation a Deferred Annuity is best for long-term retirement investment. With this you will not be drawing any income from it until retirement.

How can you find out more information?
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