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Your Annuity Options

The "Your Annuity Options" section is designed to give the consumer an entry point for information regarding your Annuities options. Please browse through a few of the information points or just select a few that you are interested in. You may also choose at any point to receive a free quote for further information regarding annuity costs.

Understanding the categories of annuities

There are two broad categories of Annuities: Deferred and Immediate. Both are financial contracts you make with an insurance company. However, a typical deferred annuity helps you accumulate money, while an immediate annuity provides you with an income stream in return for your purchase. Although you put money into both types of annuities, the difference is when you start receiving money from them. Just as the names imply, you get money soon from an immediate annuity and you delay getting money from a deferred annuity.

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